Nature’s Solution Kit

PRICE: NZD$931.00 Retail OR NZD$700.00 Wholesale
(SAVE NZD$231.00) – 400 PV (Product Value)

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Here’s what you get in the Nature’s Solution Kit:

  • Lavender Oil (15ml)
  • Lemon Oil (15ml)
  • Peppermint Oil (15ml)
  • Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) (15ml)
  • Oregano Oil (15ml)
  • Frankincense Oil (15ml)
  • Lemongrass Oil (15ml)
  • Ice Blue Athletic Blend (5ml) (muscle relief)
  • Ice Blue Rub (Topical Cream) (120ml)
  • On Guard Protective Blend (15ml) (protective blend)
  • On Guard Beadlets
  • On Guard Foaming Hand Wash (with 2 dispensers)
  • On Guard Cleansing Toothpaste
  • Easy Air Clear Blend (15ml) (relieve breathing issues)
  • Easy Air Vapour Stick
  • Purify Cleansing Blend (15ml)
  • AromaTouch Massage Blend (15ml)
  • Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend (15ml)
  • Lavender Peace Restful Blend (15ml)
  • Smart & Sassy Metabolic Blend (15ml)
  • DigestZen Oil Blend (15ml) (digestive system relief)
  • Past Tense Tension Blend (10ml roll-on)
  • Clary Calm Tension Monthly Blend for Women (10ml roll-on)
  • Correct-X® Essential Ointment (15ml)
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (115ml) for diluting your oils.
  • A Petal diffuser and a wooden box for your oils.
  • Plus, 12 Months Wholesale Membership (Value: $35)